Buy TikTok CBP Account – For Sale



1 CPB Open Account with UK Location: $149.99


CPB (Creativity Program Beta) accounts, that is, accounts with Creativity Program Beta, some options are not active. If you are in this region, you cannot use this feature. A certain variety of open account types will be able to earn from TikTok, just like YouTube.

It provides earnings per 1000 views. The higher your RPM, the more profit you make. After gaining the 10,000 Followers and 100,000 Views achievements, you can open your account to earn money, just like on YouTube, with your ID and Tax number. Support is not provided for Identity, Tax information, Bank Account, How to separate money. We are just an account provider.

Account Features
It will be opened completely from scratch, based on your email and date of birth.
You will be able to use the CPB Feature without the need for a SIM card.

Account Location
UK (England), USA (America) are delivered according to your requests.

Payment method
Credit card, cryptocurrency.

You did not receive your account setup date. If your account is stolen, TikTok determines this.
Since you will be sending your ID when turning on the CPB Feature, you must provide your correct date of birth.
It is recommended that you do not use a UK or American sim card.
You may encounter errors such as you may not accept your CPB feature information or your identity due to updates that TikTok may make. Please make this purchase.
While answering your questions, please ensure that TikTok is updated and as a result, the answers given will no longer be valid.
Since the size of the accounts is opened privately, there is no warning or explanation.