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Account Problems

Is your problem “suspicious payment or verified account?”

Campaign Management

In addition to our packages, let us deliver and manage your “live” campaign.

Rent Agency (Partner) Account

Do you have high budget scaling problems?


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For basic account problems.


/ one time

Normal Account

Warmed Account

Manual Payment

Guaranteed Account

Verified (Bestseller)

For powerful campaigns.


/ one time

Verified Account

Warmed Account

Manual Payment

Guaranteed Account


With your live campaign.


/ one time

Verified Account

Warmed Account

Manual Payment

Guaranteed Account


High budget scaling.


/ balance

Agency Account

1.000$ Balance

High Balance Scaling

Legal Campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the delivery process?

Your account will be delivered within 1-3 hours on average after your order. Special method and additional instructions are sent to the e-mail address specified when placing the order.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay by credit card (3D Secure) or in cryptocurrency with Coinbase assurance.

What are your guarantee conditions?

If your account is suspended due to “Suspicious payment”, we guarantee and give a one-time free account. Other suspension reasons are not account related, but contact us anyway, maybe there is something you missed.

What is a verified account?

With the latest updates, “advertiser” verification is now required for each account. These accounts are ideal for the service sector and other challenging and competitive campaigns.

Do you offer agency (partner) account rental services?

Yes, if you have a high budget and a legal campaign, we can create a sub-agency account and add credits to this account with an extra commission.

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Adfony is a company that provides services to the social media and digital sector. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, our company offers effective and innovative solutions to our clients. Our aim is to assist our clients in strengthening their digital presence and supporting them in establishing a successful online presence.

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